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"Christina has been a godsend helping me through a very difficult and painful rehabilitation from wheelchair to walking. She is very patient, encouraging and motivating. She is amazingly attentive with manual therapy. Most of all she never gives up trying to find ways around my disability so I can live a more functional and fuller life. I cannot thank her enough!!😘 "
Jul 26, 2020
"Rich at OSPTCC provided great support last summer for an ankle injury. Once I ‘graduated’ from PT I joined the Momentum fitness/gym and have received careful guidance from Carlos as I re-established my weight training and cardio routines. It is great to have found a place that provides all of those services in one location!"
Feb 25, 2020
"Christina is wonderful setting up a routine to fit your needs! ! Got me back to where I should be! She is always smiling! Everyone is so friendly yet professional! I would recommend OSPT to anyone! Thank you! "
Jan 07, 2020
"I have been to Rich multiple times over the years. He has been a great help in my recovery in many ways. I like the atmosphere at this facility because I feel relaxed and able to concentrate on my workouts. The atmosphere is not stuffy. His personal manipulations are excellent. The entire staff is very helpful. I would go back again if necessary."
Nov 16, 2018
"I have used OSPT for two different injuries. I saw them first for a hand injury(Dina) and then Bob Reed for back pain. I need to say that I have had PT in Western Massachusetts and also Colorado. The dedication, knowledge and attention is far superior at OSPT. I am the type of person that pushes for more exercises to do at the gym or at home as I want to get a full recovery!! Both Dina and Bob responded well to my requests and I am most pleased with the results. As a separate note - if you ever want to know what surgeon is the best in your area, just ask a PT!! They see the results of all the local surgeons!!"
Nov 09, 2018


“I worked with both Bob and Rich over the past several months and they are fantastic! When I came to them I could barely lift my arm, nevertheless dress myself due to a shoulder injury. I am happy to say that I now have full use of my shoulder again and the pain is gone! Thanks to both for their patience and persistence with me! P.S. I’ll be coming by for some popcorn some Friday!”

– Christine